Is Coin Master Gambling?

Coin Master has gained tremendous popularity in recent days though it has been developed a decade ago. These days coin master has become viral on the social media popping out the trailers everywhere. This game is easily available on the play store which can be played on the android as well as the iOS mobile phones. Coin master is the app where the players will spin the slot machines for winning shields or coins or weapons and these will help in attacking and raiding the villages thereby building their own Viking village. As this game possesses the spins and the slot machine, one can get the doubt, if coin master gambling.
This game is not designed for gambling but some themes in the game are criticized for gambling. In fact,it’s an adventurous game.

coin master slots

An adventurous game

The game is fun and characters in-game travel through the time and even the village is built by magical lands. This game, in particular, is roaming around Facebook and gaining more players day by day. The objective of the gameplay of this coin master is to win the coins as the name itself says, coin master, to collect the coins so that the items get upgraded and villages are built. Fortune is obtained in the game by attacking the opponent or the other player. The process is continuous spinning and winning the coins.

Coins and slot machines

The version of the game in the mobiles is attracting many players all around the world which leads to the criticism of thinking the game as gambling. Both children, as well as the adults, are showing more interest in it and some studies show that this game is leading to gambling as it avoids or sidesteps the law. It is actually listed as the adventurous game in the google app store, but this game uses particularly the game mechanics which havebeen borrowed from the slot machine and this may be at one point of time an addictive game. As the user necessarily needs to spin the slot machine for further building up of the village in the game, it has the gambling effect.

The game works with the slot machine function as it is the virtual slot machine and this can be called the first and foremost step in the coin master game. Then coins are to be earned and the villages are raided. Loaded with graphics and colors, the game can draw anyone’s attention towards it. Upon attacking and raiding the villages, stars are won, and you can top the leaderboard. One would not lose interest in playing the game easily. As you run out of the coins it encourages you to lay more, spin more and win more.

Each and every hour, there are free five spins that are given likewise the time spent on the game increases, you can sit hours and hours together playing the game. Social media has the greatest part in spreading the game through invites and ads of the game.