How to get golden cards in coin master game

Coin master is a mobile game designed for both Android, IOS platforms. This game gives you lots of adventure and fun. This game is developed on the slot machine, which spin and gives the random result. It is designed for all age groups and provides so much excitement while playing. To play this game is very simple, you only required spinning the wheels and it will give you the result. The coin master game is free to download but you have to purchase some different items from the game store.

If you want to buy different items from the store then use Google play gold card. This card will give you more items that make your game more excited. The game, when you start playing you will get 75000 coins in beginning. The cost of a village is around 60000 coins. So you have to purchase the village first. Every time when you add anything in your village, you will get a star. For moving to the other’s village you should have twenty stars in your account. You can give a name to your account after when you built your village. You will get some free spins in the beginning, and later you will receive five free spins in each hour.

coin master free golden cards

Choices to make your game better

The menu of this game consists of different choices which you can see in at the top of your right. The first option plays which means start gaming. It will take you to the slot machine and then you are allowed to spin. The option of the village will take you to the area of the township. You can buy coins with the help of the options present there. You can also purchase various spin also chests from the store.

There is an option of setting is also present which helps you to find different game options. You can get unlimited coins in coin master by following some steps. If you want to log out from the game from that entire device on which you play. Before logging outset, the next day dates on your phone. Again login to coin master game and now you will find free spins there.

Enjoy those spins, and log out from there. You can learn how to play coin master on your phone if you don’t know how. The concept of the coin master game is unique. It can be played by almost all age group peoples. This game has excellent characteristics. The attractive tune makes the game more attractive. With having many good things in this game it has also some bad thing. You can watch this to know more.

The coins that you earn in the game are very expensive. When you are raising your village it may take a few days or hours. Before playing the game you have to buy spins or coins in advance. So finally we can say that this is a very interesting game for all. You will definitely love this game because of its unique features and more fun.