How To Change Raid In Coin Master

Coin Master is a great strategic game that depends extremely on fortune. This game is played on slot machines with power-ups and starts with pulling the handle. This game is now popular among people of all ages. The method of playing this game is very simple and is designed very effectively. The results you get on playing ill depend on the outcome from the slot machine.  When you get coins in the game you can use those to form a good looking city and also you can make your empire. The other competitors also exist in the game which played against you. You can also attack other villages to expand your empire and become richer.

For having more fun, you can also collect and generate your job card with your friends, organize some villages in the way that when you want to go there, you must have enough credit. When your competitors attack your empire, take revenge.It can make you a millionaire by collecting your coins and expense them cleverly. If you need to move frequently then you have a choice of many slot machines. So believe in yourself and hope for the best that your luck is with you always.

coin master raid rush list

The Graphics Mod

This game is developing completely on graphics which is attractive for everyone. The minimum age required to play this game is 17 years. This game runs on both Android and IOS devices. While registering for play games you will some free spins. After spinning the machine, you may get Game coins, Hammer, Shield, Raids or free spins. By now you will understand that no one of your spins goes wasted. With each spin, you will get something and it will help you make your empire or destroy other’s village. You can read more details concerning this right here.

If someone wants to change the raid in a coin master, it is not easy as well as not good. I will not suggest you change the raid because it breaks loyalty towards the game and also with your luck. But still, if you need to change the raid you can do this by following some steps. The coin master is the server-based game. The raid of the player is decided by the server and what the player gets is fully depends on the player fortune. For changing raid first shut down the game, and go to the option of setting on your mobile. Find the coin master app in setting the app and open it. Now you will see some files related to coin master.

These files are the cache data. Delete these cache data files and close setting app. When you reopen the game, you will see the raid is changed. Game is designed in such a way that you have to cross the levels of the game one by one. You can use the shield for protecting you in-game when you got attack by your competitors. The more you earn and build with village protection makes you stronger.