Best Way To Monetize Coin Master

Spinning the slot machine, attaining coins, attacking villages, raiding the villages, building up the Viking village is what all about the gameplay of coin master. Available in both android as well asthe iOS versions in the mobile and can be played anywhere. As this has the slot machine for spinning, this is often said to be resembling gambling.

So, how does coin master monetise?
There are few instructions or maybe can be said as tips of making money or cash while spinning the slot machine. This is the final aim of the game and the developers are developing the game to make money out there. But, smart players laugh at them using coin master mod apk.

coin master monetization

Spin for coins

One can spin when you are winning the coins in the game as you construct the villages, upgrade the villages, attaching the bases of other players, defending against incoming attacks and finally getting the amount. This all happens when your game is filled with spins and once you run out of the free spins, then have to wait for the next hour so that your game will be loaded with extra 5 spins for free. One important point to note here is the game will be offering a number of options in terms of getting the spins as well as the gold with real money or the currency and that too when on sale.

Slot machine and free spins

The best way to earn currency or to monetize in the game of the coin master is to play the game’s version of the slots. Two symbols in the game will be granted the gold, the coin pouch as well as the coin and there is no necessity to land on three at the same period for getting the reward. Combinations are likely and possible in the game and they are indeed profitable, but you may get some gold on each spin.

Attack and raid on villages

One more way to get money or make money in the coin master is to get prepared for the precise and perfect raids at the perfect time and this is achieved by using one helpful tool in the game, that is your pet. When your pet is fed properly, it will help in digging the spots for you and mostly 4 than just three. Besides, the word free gives some boost to the game and that too when three energy bottles are landing on the slot machine as they contain 10 free spins. This is as sweet to hear while playing the game but, on your luck, this rarely shows up on the slot machine. Cheer up, there are more ways to get free spins. But this our coin master hack cheats website is top notch.

Upon linking the game with the account of yours on Facebook, you get the added incentives and inducements, yes, for true, 50 free spins and many coins through adding your friends to play the game. Invite them, let them get registered and installed in their mobile phones, you get the rewards in the form of spins and coins.